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Our Backer Club Helps You Find Kickstarter Backers

Hi there, and welcome to Backer Guru. We specialize in connecting Kickstarter backers and project creators and provide unique tools to help you along the way. How do we do this? Great question! We use our proven three step process to make your crowdfunding project more awesome and get it funded!


First, we increase your project visibility. Kickstarter backers can't find your crowdfunding project if they don't know about it. We do this by:

  • Crafting Twitter campaigns and providing you with free tweet tools to automatically post your crowdfunding links and images with our Twitter accounts. You can get started right and submit your tweets here!


Once your project is visible, we can generate interest! This step involves:

  • Posting your project info on our sites and partner sites and driving traffic to your original crowdfunding project page by using tagged backlinks. You can even monitor these results with analytics tracking.


Finally, we go for the gold and get your project more funding. We finish out the process by:

  • Increasing Kickstarter backer pledges by offering discounts and discounted project rewards through our backer club. This step connects you with backers and funds your project!

Ready to get started? Send a free tweet now!

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