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Twitter is a great way to share your crowdfunding projects. The more eyes see your project, the more exposure and potential backers there are! Tweet to our backer club to increase your project visibility.

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Drive traffic to your crowdfunding project by using our free tweet service. You can post tweets using our account and reach our followers with your project. Start now at Get Your Tweet Boost.

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It's FREE! Our tweet boosting service is 100% free. We don't charge for anything and setting up a tweet just takes a minute. Just enter your text, image and @{twitter_username} in the tweet form.

Why Twitter Is Important

Twitter is a river that never stops flowing. This constant stream of information is consumed by millions of users every day and is essential to getting your crowdfunding project noticed, recognized and backed. That's where our free tweet tool and backer club comes in.

It is estimated that over 6,000 tweets are sent every second ( What does that add up to? Lets see:

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What to Write And Where to Write It


Keep your text short and to the point. You only have 140 characters. Make every one of them count.


Try to use one shortened link in every tweet so interested backers can find your project.


Hashtags are important to tag in your post. They link your tweet to key categories.


Always use a featured image in your tweet. GIFs under 5MB can also be used.


Tag yourself with @{twitter_handle}. Tag yourself to see the tweet in your messages.

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About Us

Hello from Backer Guru! We are a team of gurus located in Denver, CO. We have a passion for marketing, crowdfunding, and helping projects reach their funding goals.

We started our free tweet boosting service after a number of crowdfunding project creators asked us how they can start sharing their projects on social media. It can be hard to get your project info out to potential backers without having a solid foundation before you launch your project.

Backer Guru is also powered by Bakkoo - The Social Kickstarter Club. Go check it out! If you are looking for additional backers, more social shares, and great crowdfunding creator resources, they got that! If you're a backer looking for great project deals, that's their specialty.

Let us help and share your project today! 🙂